All of Your Healthcare Questions Answered When you Need it Most

There is a new start-up, Orderly, right out of Denver, CO, and it looks to be a game-changer in the individual and business healthcare world. Their mission? To change how you understand and utilize your healthcare by providing immediate answers to your most important questions. That’s right, with Orderly, answers to many of your important healthcare questions are always just a text message away. They use multiple data sources to provide you with answers to questions regarding shoppable medical services, medication pricing and discounts, even answers to questions about your current health insurance plan’s benefits and coverage! Think of Orderly as your personal healthcare concierge.

Ever wonder how much a service or procedure should cost? With Orderly you can get that information before you even make an appointment with your provider. What are fair costs for your prescriptions? Orderly can tell you, and even locate coupons to help lower those costs. Orderly will help you compare and find the lowest price options for your care, even prescriptions, so that you can make more informed, smarter healthcare decisions. Again, all of this information is available via text message, just like you are texting a friend.

In other good news, Orderly is HIPAA compliant so your personal health information is safe and secure.

To learn more about Orderly, and how you can take advantage of this service visit their site –, and click the Try Demo button.

The Integra Insurance Group is not partnered, or affiliated with Orderly in any way. Orderly was highly recommended by a friend who has benefited by using Orderly’s service. This technology simply looks and sounds like something that could be extremely beneficial to our clients. We welcome your feedback and comments if you use Orderly.


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