Disability Insurance

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When you hear the word, “Disability,” what comes to mind? Possibly an image of someone in a wheel chair? It may even bring to mind someone you personally know.

But, did you know that the average long-term disability is 2.5 years, and that the majority of long-term absences from work are due to illness, not injury? Did you also know that 43 percent of all people age 40 experience a long-term disability before they reach age 65, and nearly one-third of Americans entering the workforce today will become disabled before they retire? As of 2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 1 in 5 people in the United States have a disability, and in 2013 less than 18% of people with a disability were employed.

Your Most Valuable Asset

Now ask yourself, what is my most valuable asset? A car, or maybe home? We believe that your most valuable asset is the ability to earn a lifetime of income to take care of your and your family’s lives. The car, the home, all of it ultimately depends on your ability to earn an income.

So, what would you do if you were unable to perform the duties of your job and make an income for 2.5 years? How about 1 year, or even 6 months? This is why Disability insurance is sometimes called Paycheck Protection insurance, and it is also why this should be one of the most important pieces of your insurance portfolio.

Insure Your Income

Becoming disabled through an injury or sickness can mean a significant loss of income. Disability insurance is a form of health insurance that provides a person who becomes disabled with a portion of their income to cover living expenses that continue in spite of the disability. Chances are you insure your stuff, but now is a good time to insure the very thing that provides for your stuff… you and your income.

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