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$187 / MONTH*

$383 / MONTH*

*Based on 2017 plan premiums. Individual example is for a 21 year old in Adams County. Family example is for 26 year old husband and wife in Adams County

At the Integra Group, we understand how important quality and affordable health care can be to you and your family. As specialists in the individual, self-employed, and small business markets, and as Certified Brokers through the state marketplace – Connect for Health Colorado – we represent all of the highly rated carriers in Colorado, and it is our job to sort through the hundreds of plan options to design coverage that best fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Major Medical Health Insurance

Simply put, Major Medical Health Insurance is protection against medical costs. A health insurance policy is a contract between an insurer and an individual or group, in which the insurer agrees to provide specified health insurance at an agreed-upon price (the premium). Depending on your policy, your premium may be payable either in a lump sum or in installments.

Tax Credits and Reductions

Health insurance usually provides either direct payment or reimbursement for expenses associated with illnesses and injuries. The cost and range of protection provided by your health insurance will depend on your insurance provider and the particular policy you purchase. If your employer does not offer health insurance benefits you may wish to purchase health insurance on your own, and you may be eligible for Advance Premium Tax Credits to help lower your monthly premiums and make your payments much more affordable. You may also be eligible for Cost Sharing Reductions – a discount that lowers the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket for deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. You can get this reduction if you purchase health insurance through Connect for Health Colorado, your income is below a certain level, and you choose a health plan from the Silver plan category.

We also offer Short-Term health insurance plans for those who are in-between jobs, or awaiting approval on a new policy. One of our professionals can design a program specifically for you.

Many Choices to Choose From

There is a wide-range of deductibles and plan structures available that we can look at to best fit your current needs, lifestyle, and budget. If you would like to view products and options from the highly rated carriers we represent, if you would like an instant online health insurance quote, or if you are ready to apply, please fill out our online form. You can also contact us directly, free and without obligation, at 303.466.5500 or 800.646.1246.