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Did you know that the signs and symptoms of as many as 120 medical conditions can be first detected by an examination of the mouth, throat and neck – and therefore treated earlier? A majority of consumers recognize the connection between oral health and overall health status (nearly 90%) yet a smaller number actually have dental coverage (less than 60%). In 2008 over $102 billion was spent on dental care in the United States, but less than four cents out of every dollar spent on health nationally is spent on dental.

An Emphasis on Prevention

With a focus on preventive care the cost savings to consumers can be significant down the road. Most dental care coverage places an emphasis on regular preventive care by covering small routine costs. A thorough examination by the dentist and a set of x-rays are all it usually takes to diagnose a problem. By placing an emphasis on prevention, and by covering regular teeth cleaning and check-ups not only do Americans save billions in dental care costs annually, but lives are saved as well.

Make the Best Decision

The Affordable Care Act has made Pediatric Dental coverage a part of most health insurance plans, but dental insurance for adults is still purchased as a separate policy. We are contracted with many major carriers, as well as discount dental plan providers to help you make the best decision with regard to your dental coverage needs. Call us today to discuss affordable and quality dental coverage options! 303.466.5500.